Arnold Eugene Fallon, Jr.


October 14, 2005

 Dear Chip,

 Thank you very much for your inspiring letter.  Thank you for inviting members of our class to offer information for a class newsletter.  We have a great class and we should keep in touch!

 Just two days ago I returned from your neck of the woods, Chip.  Our son Derrick, 18, is a freshman at Biola University, La Mirada, California.  He is studying art.  Biola is a wonderful school.  I enjoyed a lovely Parents Weekend at Biola...and also reveled in a few days of soaking up the sun at poolside.  Our family planned this vacation for many months. Unfortunately, my wife Becky was hospitalized for her asthma and was discharged only shortly before our planned departure.  Her doctor advised that she not travel.  I wanted to scrap the trip to remain at home with Becky--but she insisted that we carry out our original plans for a family our daughter Amelia and our son Noah accompanied me sans Becky to the Biola Parents Weekend and the added days of fun.  Chip, you must hate California!  California is awesome!  Biola was founded in 1908, and was originally known as the Bible Institute of Los Angeles.  Our family is reportedly related to one of its founders, Dr. Thomas Corwin Horton.

 I have been working on an historical biography, based on the life of my fifth generation great-grandfather, John Tuthill.  Tuthill was born in Southold, New York 8 Sep 1742 and died at Westminster, Vermont, 30 Jan 1821.  He served in many capacities during the revolutionary war.  He was Adjutant of the detachment of Col. Henry Beekman Livingston.  Tuthill was also wanted dead or alive by the British, with a reward of 30 guineas on his head in light of his patriot activities. 

I am an officer of Vermont Society, Sons of the American Revolution.  I am also Commander of our newly-formed color guard.  Our society sponsored the Ethan Allen Tower Centennial Celebration in Burlington, Vermont last August.  Certain members of the color guard wear what is known as a Green Mountain Ranger uniform.  It was necessary for me to do much research in order to allow for the proper putting together of the uniform.  There is no pattern for the coat.  I really put my seamstress to work on this one!  The result was pleasing.  The Vermont Society, Sons of the American Revolution website holds a group shot from the Ethan Allen event should one wish to see me in the Green Mountain Ranger uniform.

 Getting back to family....Daughter Amelia, 21, is insurance agent for Liberty Mutual.  Son Noah, 16,  is junior at Grace Christian School, Bennington, Vermont.  Noah is adept at skateboarding.  I took some great shots of his work at the skatepark in Fullerton, California during our recent trip.

 Becky and I have been married for 23 years.  It gets better and better!

She is the love of my life. 

 Professionally, I've done much over the years--of course, my writing...taught at language school at RPI...was university placement adviser for Kaplan (the test prep people)...did vegetable farming...currently work at a special school in certified English teacher in Commonwealth of Massachusetts (did my grad work at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) present, I am considering going on for my Ph.D.---perhaps in communications.  I volunteer as College Counselor at Grace Christian School, Bennington.

 Well, that's all for now. 

 Thanks, Chip!  Hello to all--feel free to write.